Recycled Tyres Can Reduce Traffic Noise

end-of-life tyres

For the past couple of years  a non-profit consortium based in Bolzano, Italy,  has been testing a special new asphalt which demonstrates that the addition of powdered rubber from end-of-life tyres can reduce traffic noise.

The  Italian consortium, appropriately named Ecopneus, was established by the leading tyre manufacturers operating in Italy and is dedicated to promoting the correct management of end-of-life tyres, or ELTs, including traceability, collection…

Save Energy With Hand Powered Washine Machines

laundry energy-saving tips

Notoriously one of the most energy-hungry household appliances is the washing machine. With rising energy bills and less money to spend on them, as well as a growing sense of responsibility towards the environment, many people today are looking for ways to wash their laundry while cutting down on energy consumption. And today one of the coolest and most alternative ways are hand-powered washing machines or small low-energy mobile washers…

Save energy – stop ironing!

fold don't iron

For those who hate ironing, here’s the best excuse you’ll ever find for not doing it: you’re not being lazy, you’re doing your bit for the environment by saving energy. You’re also saving money, time and your back.

Once you stop ironing, or at least cut down, you’ll wonder how you ever found the time to do it. Because, in actual fact, the time you take to iron a…

Ventilation Or Insulation?


Ventilation versus Insulation
One of the very best energy saving tips is insulation, but as we enthusiastically weatherproof our homes, filling in every crack and wall cavity, we tend to overlook one very important factor in creating a healthy home environment – ventilation.

Although preventing draughts and air loss by sealing up gaps and cracks is essential if we want to save energy, in fact, to avoid the home…

Why Save Water?

why save water?

In the Western world the importance of saving water has long been underestimated, and we tend to take for granted what appears to us to be an unlimited water supply due to the vast amounts of water covering the earth. Water is, in actual fact, not only our most precious but also our most wasted resource, and has been for nearly 200 years!

The energy it takes to make

Energy Efficient Lighting

energy efficient lighting

Today,  turning  on  the lights is as routine as breathing. It is estimated, however, that artificial lighting consumes over 30% of a household’s electricity bill – rather a lot considering the other appliances used in an average household. Taking greater care in using lighting wisely, therefore, is one of the most fundamental energy saving tips.

Maximizing Daylight
The average amount of sunlight entering a normal sized window is equal

Energy Saving Tips For Laundry and Cleaning

laundry energy saving

Today laundry and cleaning are responsible for a large percentage of energy consumption in the home.  The appliances we use, such as dishwashers, washing machines and vacuum cleaners, take considerable amounts of energy to run.  For our home be more energy efficient, therefore, there are a number of energy saving tips we can follow.

Washing machines and tumble driers are especially guilty. They are among the biggest energy guzzlers

Energy Efficiency In The Kitchen

save energy in the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home – which explains why it is also where at least 20% of the home’s total energy is consumed. The kitchen, in fact, is one of the biggest energy hogs in the household, so knowing some useful tricks for improving energy efficiency in the kitchen can go a long way in reducing the amount you have to pay for your utility bills. It

Energy Saving Tips: Insulation


Insulating homes is indeed a growing trend nowadays. With the demand for saving energy resources and as people from all around the globe strive to create a more energy efficient home, improving insulation is regarded as perhaps the greatest energy saving measure.

Sexy Insulation
In December 2009 U.S. President Barack Obama spoke at a Congress roundtable on the subject of energy efficiency, saying “Insulation is sexy!” What’s sexy about

Energy Saving Tips: Home Office & Electronics


With more and more people deciding to work from home energy consumption in the home is higher than ever. This leaves many people looking for ways to save energy in order to cut down on the amount of overhead it takes to run a business from home.

Here are just a few energy saving tips you can follow in your home office in order to save energy and money